Throughout her career Cindy has not only had a solo career, but has also performed with a variety of vocal collaborations. These collaborations have allowed her the pleasure of working, recording and performing live some of her longtime friends and colleagues, for many years.

Many of these groups actually formed quite by chance, however, their longevity and their fan popularity ensure that they continue to record and perform.

Quartette is perhaps the vocal group in which Cindy has been a part, that has existed and thrived the longest. With more than 6 albums to their credit, Quartette becomes more popular every year, and is a mainstay at festivals and community venues across Canada. Year after year they continue to sing together to the delight of audiences! Read more about Quartette.

Lunch At Allen’s while a much more recent formation, is indeed one of Canada’s great vocal groups, with Cindy being joined by Murray McLauchlin, Marc Jordan and Ian Thomas. Fans rave about their recordings, of which they have two to date, with a third due out in the fall of 2010. Fans often and write in and tell us about how wonderful the live shows are and how much they love them. Read more about Lunch At Allen’s.