Produced By: Miles Wilkinson and Nathan Tinkham
Executive Producer: Holger Peterson
Engineered By: Miles Wilkinson
Manufactured By: Stony Plain Recording Company Inc.

Released in 1996, Cindy Church her self-titled cd blends country with fine vocal artistry and features a duet with Ian Tyson and a hidden track of “In My Life” that has become a fan favourite and is an album highlight for many fans.

Cindy sends a special thanks to Ian Tyson for singing one of her favourite songs.

“Tucked away unannounced at the end of this CD is a version of In My Life – Cindy’s voice weaves through the song like a silvery ribbon, sending little shivers up your spine with flashes of the blues and country twang, hinting of fond memories, heartbreaks, and unfulfilled wishes.” Globe and Mail, Toronto

Album Tracks:

  1. Wichita
  2. Bitter Pride
  3. Sweet Dreams Of You
  4. The Only Star I See 
  5. Whispering Pines 
  6. Wheel Of Love
  7. Only Time Can Cure
  8. The Chance You Took With Me
  9. My Baby 
  10. What We Almost Had
  11. What Does She See (duet with Ian Tyson)
  12. Lover Please
  13. In My Life 

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JohnJanuary 30, 2016 at 1:36 amReply

You know , i always cringe when , someone remakes a beatles tune. But It is Jan 29 and I am listen to your beautiful interpretation of “In My Life” Its Jan 29, 23 years ago my dad died today. I must say, sitting here listening to music for me to stubble on this. Fits . Fits the moment. Dad wasn’t a beatles fan. But he loved western swing. Its odd. That is what lead me to you. Western swing, what he loved, and I like it too. But it led me to the song In my life. It brought back so many memories. Like a video. It made me see , how things changed. It made me see,… its great , because it was something that happened in the moment. But I must say, if I was listening to the beatles version , I would never have thought of my dad, cause thats locked in memory of rock and roll. but your version. made me see those places and people how they have changed People change when people die. Its a struggle, cause every one knows , we will be there. We hope. and your version gives me hope………

JohnJanuary 30, 2016 at 1:24 amReply

I love your voice. .. its beautiful. I love the only star … simple, I hear canada in it.. I hope you would contact me. Just a simple hi would be nice. Your music is awesome..