Written By: Cindy Church and Sylvia Tyson

From The Album: Just a Little Rain

Some people would say I lead a perfect life
Pretty house, pretty kids, they say I’m a perfect wife
With a man who loves me
We mean the world to him I know, yes I know
But late at night in my easy chair
The past allows me little comfort there
And though it hurts me so, my heart won’t let me be
Keeps telling me

That I never got over you
I never got over you
I never got over you
And I guess I never will

The thousand things that fill my days
Help to keep these blues away
But they always find me when the day is through
Still wanting you
So I tell myself it wasn’t meant to be
That all I have is all I’ll ever need
But what I need I gave up long ago
And now I know


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