Written By Cindy Church

From the Album: Cindy Church

He’s got a way of looking at me
When he looks like that I wonder what does he see
He looks right into my very soul
And with him for some reason I don’t care what he knows

He’s got a way of talking to me
And it’s no big deal when we disagree
And the way he listens to what I say
I find myself thinking ’bout him more every day

Where he came from I don’t know
I swear I wasn’t looking
but that’s the way it goes
I never thought it would happen to me
But when I think of love
Who do I see
My baby

He’s got a way with a tender touch
To feel his arms around me, I love that so much
Makes me dream about him even when I’m awake
And with him I don’t want to make the same mistakes


I didn’t know I was ready for this
Came out of the fog kiss by kiss
It’s always been such a mystery
Til he shone his love light all around me


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