… it was with no small amount of enthusiasm that I cracked open the case for Church’s latest solo offering, Sad Songs Make Me Happy, and popped it into the tray.

My enthusiasm proved justified. Sad Songs Make Me Happy could well be Church’s finest solo recording to date. An exquisite collection of songs made all the more endearing by gorgeous arrangements, minimal orchestration, Danny Greenspoon’s flawless production and Church’s extraordinarily beautiful and richly expressive voice, this set will tug at your heartstrings. Read Complete Article

Doug Gallant

The Guardian

If Canadian country singers were novelists Church would be their Alice Munro. Like Munro, Church is something of a perfectionist, pitch-perfect in everything she does from her understated singing to her choice of material going a far back as Love on the Range, her debut album. Read Complete Article

Peter Goddard

The Toronto Star

Very nice. We waited far too long for this.

An affecting voice and some creative, mature interpretations. Certainly it’s a little unnerving to hear a mid-atlantic accent delivering the Sinatra staple, “In the Wee Small Hours ..” and then receiving a heartfelt “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” rendered in an accent that sounds like Cindy was born “the next holler down” from Dolly Parton. But it just shows the firm and confident grasp Cindy has on two great musical traditions.


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Classifying the CD as “country” does not do it justice, although it is understandable that genre classifications on this site are arbitrary. Ms Church is a performer with a wide range: country, certainly, but also jazz, as in her Hoagy Carmichael collaborations with Joe Sealy in the past, and this CD covers the musical waterfront. What I find particularly affecting is her fresh interpretations of songs I thought I knew well. In particular, her take on Miss the Mississippi, Blue Eyes Crying and I wish You Love, opened those songs to me in a new and most moving way. The arrangements are spare and showcase her lovely voice.


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Purposely underproduced with Church’s strong but understated vocals shining on classic covers like “Blue Eyes Shining In The Rain”, “Home Motel” and “In the Wee Small Hours Of The Morning” there’s a comforting warmth about this record, Church proves a point that simplicity can be most effective. Read Complete Review

Keith Sharp

Music Express

Church is known for her distinctive approach to interpreting songs, something that’s evident listening to this album, where the most familiar songs sound fresh and evoke new meaning. Read Complete Article

Ellen Ashton-Haiste

Forever Young Information

Church’s new album is called Sad Songs Make Me Happy and if it were walking down a runway, swishing the silky train of its jazz standards and wearing its broken heart on its sleeve, it would have the place on its feet. Either that, or in tears. Read Complete Article

David Macfarlane

Toronto Star

Jeff Liberty really likes the new album from Cindy Church, which includes all her happiest sad songs.

Jeff Liberty

CBC New Brunswick

Cindy Church and I have been singing and playing together on and off for ten years. In that time I’ve watched Cindy develop into just about the best song stylist around…

Ian Tyson


Cindy Church has that special magic to be able to attract an ear with her clear, plaintive high country vocal delivery. It’s a spellbinding experience to listen to her create vocal imagery with her singing.

The Ottawa Citizen