The most complete vocalist working in this country these days….she deserves a recording career that dispenses with categorization.

Edmonton Journal

The possessor of one of the most emotion-laden voices in country music (or pop music, for that matter), Cindy Church never confuses sentiment with sentimentality. Instead she takes tunes and invests them with pain, power, sadness and joy and makes them uniquely her own.

Richard Flohil

There are few artists or performers who are adored by their peers like Cindy Church. Ian Tyson calls her the “best female singer in the land”, John McDermott thinks the world of her, as does top drawer American songwriter Guy Clark. Then there’s Murray McLauchlan, who couldn’t wait to work with her after she was enlisted into the Lunch at Allen’s project. The list just goes on and on.

Peter North

Edmonton Journal/CKUA